Syncurio – Care Home Management Software

Crafted with Insight from a Network of Care Home Operators. Tackling the day-to-date operational challenges we all face.

Syncurio is a revolutionary cloud based software platform designed specifically for care homes. Born from collaboration and innovation, it is tailored to the unique needs of the industry. Frustrated with existing software, a network of care home operators came together to create Syncurio as an independent software product. They shared insight and experiences, working as a united team to craft a solution that understands industry needs.

Our Capabilities

HR, Payroll, Resident-Billing is all stored in one system, allowing easy and dynamic analysis, reporting and decision-support.

The system uses this common data to provide different perspectives for different types of user, from care-givers through to managers and owners. One simple example: When preparing a staffing budget or running payroll, a manager can quickly analyse figures in terms of cost, or staffing hours per resident. Tackling everyday needs like these, through an attractive and easy-to-use interface, is at the heart of Syncurio.

How we built Syncurio

We worked with real users, in real homes, to build the best system for their needs. There is no local installation as the system is 100% browser-based, allowing for fast, secure access and simple deployment and across your estate, be it one home or one hundred.

Syncurio is a community driven system that is continually developed with new features.

With Syncurio, you are not just purchasing a system, you will become a stakeholder in an improved system for better care of your residents, staff and business.

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