Resident Billing

Syncurio simplifies resident billing with its unique billing method. View all components of your resident fee in one place and generate accurate invoices effortlessly.

Accurate resident billing – the key to profitability

Syncurio tackles the challenge of tracking fee movements head-on, offering a comprehensive view of all fee components in one convenient location. It simplifies the recovery of any missing elements by allowing adjustments to funding sources, and automates the creation and distribution of all invoices and credit notes.

Accurately billing residents poses a challenge when a resident fee consists of multiple components that change over time. Forgetting to change a component or worse, understand how these fit together at all times to make up a residents bill can leave you with unpaid bills and not knowing where to recover the unpaid fees.

The system boasts highly customisable invoice emails and invoices, enabling you to maintain the accurate representation of your home brand in your billing documents.

Features you’ll love

Fee Visibility

See all the components of a fee and the history in a single view

Multiple Funding Sources

Handle billing across multiple funding sources. Update historic data and regenerate all invoices and credit notes automatically.

RAG Status on Fees

Identify quickly where your fees are not equal to the expected amount and take action

Approval Workflow

Ensure every invoice is correct with the Syncurio invoice approval workflow

Historic Analysis

Understand when fees have changed and who changed them quickly and effectively.

One to One Billing

Our innovative one-to-one billing allows you to charge residents for the one-to-one care they are receiving.

Contract Beds

Support for contract bed billing and occupancy is simple with Syncurio. Understand your contracts and easily add new ones.

Custom Invoices

Highly customisable invoices and emails for each home with the ability to show net or gross fees per funding source.

Direct Debit Export

Export your direct debit information to upload into your direct debit system for quick and simple billing.

“Before Syncurio, juggling multiple funding sources was a daunting task. Now, everything is consolidated in one place, simplifying our processes and ensuring accuracy”

Ava – Accountant

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