Custom Invoice and Emails

We know that your home is unique. That’s why we provide extensive customisation options for your emails and invoices.

Craft Professional Invoices and Correspondence

Syncurio makes creating customised invoices a simple and effective. Show either a gross or net fee based on the full cost of care provision, customise logos, colours and text to look and feel like your home. Don’t want to show the resident name? No problem, select from one of four ways per funding source of identifying the individual.

Syncurio backs up the invoice with a fully customised email. Have full control over the content, from the greeting all the way to the footer. We’ll even send bcc’s of the invoices to an internal email group so it’s not just a report that says the email’s been sent, you have an exact copy of it.

Key Resident Information Features

Custom Logos

Select the same or different logos on both invoice and email

Multiple indentifiers

Customise the invoice to identify the care fee by one of four different ways

Charity Support

Show both charity or company number of your email

Net and Gross Invoices

Show either a net or gross fee so the payee knows how much the total fee should be

Custom Comments

Add custom comments to your invoice

bcc sending

Send all your invoices to an internal mailgroup for complete peace of mind when it comes to sending

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