UK Border Agency (UKBA) Compliance

Syncurio’s UKBA Compliance tracking makes keeping your home compliant simple, helping you keep your records up-to-date and manage the notification process to avoid significant fines.

Keeping your home UKBA compliant

Fines for having non-compliant workers can be up to £60,000 for each individual. With the UKBA regularly inspecting home’s complaince unannounced, Syncurio has built in checks and balances to help care homes avoid heavy fines and focus on their care.

Many systems will simply track a VISA expiry date with limited alerting, this is simply not enough. You must gather and monitor numerous documents depending on your immigration status, and you need to inform UKBA if you spend significant time away from the workplace. Furthermore, the industry limits many individuals to working a specific number of hours. Syncurio simplifies all this.

Tracking compliance has become an important aspect of care home operating and Syncurios monitoring and alerting system is second to none.

Key UKBA Compliance Features

UKBA Compliance Documents

Store Documents

Store copies of all required documents, from passports to school timetables right within syncurio

Guided Compliance

Guided Compliance

Simply select the visa type and Syncurio will tell you the documents that you need to monitor

Address Tracking

Address Tracking

Track previous addresses of your workers in-line with UKBA requirements

UKBA Compliance Report

Compliance Reporting

Get a printable report of the right to work documents and the expiration dates for all members of staff

Expiration Alerts

Expiration Alerts

Recieve email alerts when a right to work document is due to expire at intervals up to and including expiry

UKBA Compliance Holiday Alerts

Holiday Alerts

Get alerted if an employee is on holiday for more than 30 days

UKBA Compliance Leaver Alerts

Leaver and AWOL Alerts

Get alerted if an employee is marked as a leaver or goes AWOL so that you can notify UKBA

UKBA Compliance RAG Statuses

RAG Status Tracking

See quickly all your employee UKBA compliance statuses right from the employee list every time you use the system

UKBA Compliance Roster Alerts

Roster Allowed Hours

Alerts within the roster when an employee is outside of their VISA hour requirements.

UKBA Compliance Maternity Alerts

Paternity Alerts

Get alerted to inform UKBA when an employee goes on Maternity or extended Paternity leave

“Syncurio’s level of compliance checking has been a game changer. I know that my homes are compliant and can stay on top of all the staff quickly and easily avoiding costly fines.”

Care Home Owner

UKBA Compliance at the heart of what we do
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