Resident Information

Syncurio puts care home resident information and data at your fingertips. Allowing you to undersatnd who is in your home, where they are and how they are paying.

Resident Information

Keeping your resident data manageable

Syncurio streamlines the process of keeping care home resident details up-to-date, ensuring that every piece of information, from NHS details to next of kin, is current. Our platform’s intuitive interface allows staff to effortlessly update resident profiles, ensuring that changes are immediately reflected across the system

Syncurio tracks where the resident is in your home through it’s admission details and allows care homes to upload relevent documentation with a click of a button. By centralising this data and making document management more efficient, Syncurio enhances both the operational efficiency and the quality of care provided in care homes.

Key Resident Information Features

Source of Truth

All your residents, all their information in one place

Previous Address

Keep a record of resident’s previous addresses

Personal Details

Understanding birthdays and what resident’s like to be known as is tracked and accessible

Admission Details

Understand which room your residents are in, the date of admission, type of stay and the care category.


Keep notes within the resident record to share with other members of staff.


Add any document to the resident record with Syncurio’s simple file storage

Resident List

See all your residents in a single list, filterable, sortable and exportable into excel

Next of Kin Tracking

Understand your resident’s next of kin, their contact detials, and additional contact individual details.

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