UK BA Compliance – Be compliant and thorough – it’s expensive to breach

Syncurio: Your Trusted Partner for UKBA Compliance in the Care Industry.

The UK Care industry stands as one of the largest employers of overseas workers in the UK. With such a diverse workforce comes the crucial responsibility of ensuring compliance with UK Border Agency (UKBA) Right To Work regulations.

Keeping compliant can feel like a full-time job, especially considering the intricacies of the regulations. This can cause an administrative headache trying to stay on top of all the paperwork. What’s more, the British government has dramatically increased fines to £60,000 for each case where an employee lacks the legal right to work – up from £20,000.

Penalties of this amount could be hugely detrimental to the profitability, and feasibility of running, your business.

Compliance: Not just a visa check.

Compliance extends beyond simply checking over a visa. It encompasses an ongoing, dynamic spectrum of responsibilities for employers. Understanding these complexities and ensuring the correct processes are undertaken can be challenging.

This is where Syncurio can help. Our expert teams of researchers and developers have created an intelligent insight-driven software system that makes compliance management in your care home a breeze.

Syncurio’s UKBA Right to Work functionality: Industry leading compliance monitoring.

With Syncurio’s HR module you can access this industry leading technology to streamline your workforce management. Just a few of the current features of this module are below:

  • Track all documents required for each visa type. –  Store and track the expiry dates of each document, with RAG monitoring of the next expiring document straight from the employee list.
  • Alerts when documents are due to expire. – Receive timely alerts via email at days 90, 60, 30, and on expiry, ensuring you stay on top of compliance requirements.
  • Restrict rostering for student visas. – Syncurio’s software ensures that students are rostered for the hours they are legally entitled to work. With options for non-term time overrides and timetable uploads for reference.
  • Alerts when staff are AWOL, on extended holiday or maternity leave – Quickly handle employee circumstances that require you to inform the UK Border Agency

In a sector that employs over 144,000 overseas workers, maintaining compliance is paramount. The looming increase in UKBA fines highlights the importance of staying ahead of compliance requirements. Now is the time to check your processes and systems to ensure they are watertight. If you aren’t sure, talk to us, let’s see how we can help.

With Syncurio’s intuitive software, compliance isn’t just a checkbox – it’s our commitment to excellence and peace of mind. There are plenty more developments in the pipeline too, so you can expect even more industry-leading functionality to be released soon.

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